Employment opportunities at UNOV

UNOV is seeking qualified professionals in a wide range of fields, including general administration, finance, human resources, procurement, security, information technology and conference services. Around 700 people work at UNOV in Vienna. UNOV is committed to gender parity and geographical diversity in its workforce. The United Nations-wide Gender Parity Strategy sets targets for equal representation of women and men. The office's efforts to achieve gender balance are based upon the UNOV/UNODC Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2018-2021). The overarching target is to achieve 50/50 parity at every staff level of the organization. In order to enhance geographical diversity amongst UNOV staff, the office follows the Geographical Diversity Strategy and welcomes applications from candidates from the following UN regional groups: African Group, Asia-Pacific Group, Eastern European Group, and Latin American and Caribbean Group.

UNOV is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants and colleagues with disabilities.

To find out more about UNOV's current job opportunities, please follow these links:

Staff positions

All job openings for staff positions in UNOV are advertised on the UN Careers portal.


UNOV also engages experts to work on short-term projects either as a consultant or an individual contractor. Such opportunities are advertised on the UN Careers portal.  

Internship positions

Information about the Internship Programme of the United Nations Office at Vienna can be found here. General information about United Nations internships can be found on the UN Careers portal.

Junior Professional Officer Positions

The Junior Professional Officer Programme offers young professionals who are graduates of universities or institutions of higher education an opportunity to acquire professional experience by working in the United Nations Secretariat. Associate experts, who usually have limited or no professional experience, are recruited under bilateral agreements between the United Nations and donor countries to work in development projects or regional projects or activities within the broad fields of competence of the United Nations. For further information can be found here.

UN Volunteers positions

UN Volunteers are engaged through the UNV organization. Different categories of UN Volunteers exist, more details can be found at UN Volunteers.