Information Technology Service (ITS)

The main function of the Information Technology Service (ITS) is the provision of comprehensive information and communications technology services to the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). ITS consists of the following units:

The Core Services Unit provides computer-related support, including installation and maintenance of servers and desktop hardware and software; computer equipment standards; equipment and technical support for conferences and meetings; the infrastructure for enterprise resource planning applications and other office automation applications (this includes all the network components and connectivity with other United Nations organizations and the Internet); Internet access and file-sharing services; e-mail and groupware services; security for application and server data and protection for the computer environment from viruses, hackers and similar threats; cellular phones, switchboard and faxing services and audio- and video-conferencing services; business continuity and disaster recovery; and e-mail and communication services to UNODC field offices.

The Enterprise Applications Unit provides ongoing support to the enterprise resource planning applications of UNOV and UNODC, namely the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) of UNOV and the Programme and Financial Information System (ProFi) of UNODC. The Unit also develops and supports all other workflow and administrative computer applications and runs and provides the support for the UNOV and UNODC websites and other specialized websites.

The External Systems Unit assists the various substantive work units of UNODC in implementing uniform data collection, processing, analysis and publishing systems. The aim of all implemented systems is to create an efficient and effective flow of information between national competent authorities and UNODC in a transparent manner. To fulfil those objectives, the Unit is responsible for the National Drug Control System, which is provided for the use of national competent authorities to automate national licit drug control as per the requirements of the international drug control conventions and to submit statistical returns electronically to UNODC. The Unit maintains the International Drug Control System, which is used by the secretariat of the International Narcotics Control Board to collect, process, analyse and publish the data electronically. Within the framework of technical cooperation, the Unit has developed the goAML system, which is designed to cover the needs of financial intelligence units; goCASE; which is designed for use by law enforcement agencies as an investigation case management system; the Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit, to assist criminal justice assessors; and the self-assessment checklist of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

The Information Management Unit provides website hosting, design, development and management and application development services for systems pertaining to substantive activities, such as the legal libraries, the database of legislation against money-laundering, the law enforcement training database, the substance abuse questionnaires and the cataloguing of outer space objects, among others.

Organizational structure

Information Technology Service

  • Core Services Unit
  • Enterprise Applications Unit
  • External Systems Unit
  • Information Management Unit