Security and Safety Service (SSS)

The Security and Safety Service (SSS) serves all the entities at the Vienna International Centre (VIC).

The history of security services at the VIC goes back to the early days of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. In 1979, both organizations moved into the VIC and their two security units were merged with the responsibilities for security and safety on the premises being taken over by the United Nations Office at Vienna.

Because of the extraterritorial status of the VIC, the Austrian authorities are not authorized to operate within the perimeter of the Centre. SSS is mandated to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff of all the Vienna-based organizations, delegates and visiting dignitaries and visitors by  providing 24-hour security coverage, including access control, identifying and mitigating possible security threats and fire and safety hazards and maintaining fire prevention services and emergency response capabilities.  In addition, SSS receives notification from Member States regarding possible radiological emergencies occurring outside regular working hours and activates the Emergency Response System of IAEA.

Organizational structure

Security and Safety Service

  • Security and Safety Unit
  • Support Unit