General Support Section (GSS)

OekoProfit 2006

The main functions of the General Support Section are:

  • To liaise with the Buildings Management Service
  • To manage the copiers and ensure reliable services through the Corridor Copying Services team
  • To receive goods and administer inventory
  • To provide mail, courier and diplomatic pouch services
  • To allocate office space, to work closely with the Buildings Management Service in making repairs, moves and alterations and with inventory and asset management staff
  • To provide registry functions, codifying and routing correspondence to and from permanent missions, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and its field offices, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, related institutions and individuals, and providing background documentation as necessary
  • To assist staff members in arranging mission travel, including by issuing United Nations travel documents and certificates, relocating staff members to other duty stations and assisting conference participants with travel arrangements and to issue parking permits to the staff members of all Vienna-based organizations, permanent missions, conference participants, the press and contractors
  • To direct visitors to the Visitors' Centre, the entry point to the Vienna International Centre (VIC), where the United Nations Information Service maintains an office and guided tours of the VIC begin, and where there are shops offering gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, cards and stamps, as well as a hairdresser's shop, a flower shop and a coffee shop

Organizational structure

General Support Section

  • Travel and Transportation
  • Garage Administration
  • Inventory Control and Receiving Area
  • Mail Operations
  • Archives and Records
  • Funds Management
  • Corridor Copying Services
  • Building Services